Town of Ridgefield acquires Mapleshade Cemetery.

Ridgefield Press, Nov. 2, 2006 — The four-acre stretch of grass and graves known as Mapleshade Cemetery now belongs to the Town of Ridgefield.

Mapleshade lies in the northeast corner of a 14-acre cemetery that fills the triangle bordered by North Street, Mapleshade and North Salem Roads.

Two weeks ago, the Scott family - which managed the cemetery privately for many years - officially donated the property to Ridgefield.

In the last two weeks nearly 200 plots have been "laid out" in Mapleshade, and they are now for sale. The money raised from the sale of the plots will be used to establish a maintenance fund.

Single plots cost $1,200, which will include "perpetual care," said Graveyard Committee member Jeanne Timpanelli. "Cremains" are also available - they cost is $500, "because those are smaller."

Ms. Timpanelli said the town will manage the graveyard, and "guidelines will be made."

"We are still working out the arrangements," she said.

Whether to discount the sale of multiple plots has not been decided, she said.

Mapleshade Cemetery was managed for years by members of the Scott family, particularly by the brothers Edward and Sidney Scott, Ms. Timpanelli said. After their deaths, the family decided to donate the cemetery to the town.

The Graveyard Committee has worked hard to help get the town ready to take over the management of Mapleshade, Ms. Timpanelli said.

They hosted several unusual "open houses," seeking relatives of plot holders.

Also, "two members of the town's Graveyard Committee, Susan Law and Nancy Selander, have spent hours trying to reconstruct the records of burials in Mapleshade," Ms. Timpanelli said. "The record keeping was poor. They've reconstructed quite a complete record now.

The database of cemetery records is being kept at the Ridgefield Historical Society, which is serving as a sort of headquarters for the Graveyard Committee.


Ms. Timpanelli said she is delighted the town has now taken ownership of the burial grounds.


It's been a long process," she said. "I think it can be a real asset to the community."

A plaque on one of the entrance pillars to the cemetery will commemorate the Scott family's gift, she said.

The cemetery will be managed by the town, not the Graveyard Committee, she said.

Bill Bunkoci, who has "looked after" the cemetery, will continue to maintain it, she said. "He will be the sexton - he's agreed to do it," she said.

For the time being, to buy a plot in Mapleshade, contact Graveyard Committee Chairman Doug Clewell at 438-0537.