Ridgefield, Connecticut, Cemeteries

Cemetery Year est. Location # of graves Notes
"Ye Burying Ground" 1708 northern end of Wilton Road East, just south of Main. about 50; none marked. All stones lost; Rockwell says many used for house foundations, stepping stones, etc.; ceased being used in mid-1700s; a 1931 monument notes its significance and lists who was buried there.
Old Town or Titicus 1735 Along east side of Mapleshade Road, between Route 116 and North Street. Several hundred Many old slate stones in excellent condition; 52 veterans of Revolutionary War are here.
Ridgebury 1743 west side of Ridgebury Road, just north of the Ridgebury Congregational Church About 400 existed in 1934; many more have been added. Earliest stones are from the 1770s; very picturesque; still in use.
Branchville ca. 1810 Florida Road, just off Route 102, near Route 7 Several hundred Stones date from early 1800s; many European-style graves; still in use.
Old Florida 1700s north side of Old Redding Road, off Route 7 11 stones in 1934; 5 in 1958 Many graves in  this cemetery were moved to New Florida it's not known why; earliest stone 1761, last standing in 1934 was 1862.
New Florida 1835 Route 7 and Simpaug Turnpike 50 to 60 Stones date from 1830s; most are from the 1800s.
Ridgefield early 1800s Route 116, North Salem Road, at North Street and Mapleshade more than 2,000 The name is often used to encompass a half dozen contiguous cemeteries, including Titicus above, and the next 5 below.
Mapleshade 1850 A triangle bordered on two sides by North Street and Mapleshade Road More than 1,000? Part of "Ridgefield Cemetery"; still in use; since 2006, owned by the Town of Ridgefield.
Scott's or Gage's 1876 ? ? Private part of "Ridgefield Cemetery"
Hurlbutt before 1860 along North Salem Road Some 200 stones in 1934; Part of "Ridgefield Cemetery"; clearly not all related to Hurlbutts
Lounsbury-Rockwell 1894 At the tip of the triangle of North Salem Road and North Street A handful Private part of "Ridgefield Cemetery"
Fairlawn 1909 around the intersection of North Salem and Mapleshade Roads Hundreds The "newest" of the cemeteries at Ridgefield Cemetery; still in use.
St. Mary's 1882 North Street and Copps Hill Road Hundreds Greatly expanded in 1924; still in use
Beers 1830s west side of Nod Hill Road about 20 Family cemetery; mostly Beers, Bouton, Sanford, Jellick families.
Selleck 1800s Bennett's Farm Road, just south of Limestone Road. 15 stones in 1934 Family plots for mostly Sellecks and Whitlocks; earliest stone 1826, latest, 1907.
Davis 1832 east side of Silver Spring Road near Wilton line 21 stones in 1934; some still standing today. Family cemetery for Scott, Davis, Hoyt families; earliest stone, 1832; last, 1909. This cemetery, which may be seen on a hill beyond the driveway of #6 Silver Spring Road, appears landlocked by private property.
Seymour early 1800s east side of South Olmstead Lane, between Seymour Lane and Serfilippi Drive 15 stones in 1934; fewer now. Family cemetery for Seymour, Olmstead, and Benedict families; earliest stone, 1812; last, 1889.
Gamaliel Smith 1830s east side of West Lane, a little north of Country Club Road 14 stones in 1934; about 10 standing. still standing Smith, Clark, and Whitlock families; earliest stone, 1835, latest 1881. This cemetery is surrounded by high stone wall, right on road. Has gated entrance.
Old Episcopal mid-1700s at the intersection of Ridgebury and Ned's Mountain Roads No longer extant Abandoned ca. 1870; many stones moved or used for foundations, stepping stones.
Smith 1700s Mopus Bridge Road, bisected by state line None left Stones were gone by 1927, says Rockwell.
Revolutionary Burial Ground 1777 Main Street south of Casagmo entrance No stones, ever; monument in wall 16 British soldiers, 8 Americans killed in Battle of Ridgefield, April 27 and 28, 1777, were buried here in unmarked graves.

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