A gathering of Nashes: This view, taken in February 2002, shows the sad state of affairs at Charles Nash family plot at the Ridgefield Cemetery -- time and vandalism have taken their toll on the gravestones.

From left:

  • The stone of Elizabeth R. Grummun (1822-1901), who is often called E.R.G. in the diary. She is a daughter of Charles and Roxy Nash, and sister of diarist Jared Nash. The stone has been knocked off its pedestal and is lying face up on the ground.
  • The stone of Charles Grummun, who died Aug. 5, 1847. He was Elizabeth's husband, and left her a widow with two small children, one of whom was "Libby," mentioned often in the diary. This stone is barely readable, worn by time and the elements.
  • The small stone of Henry S. Grummun, the one-year-old son of Elizabeth and Charles, who died July 31, 1847, only a few days before his father died. The strain on Elizabeth -- losing a husband and son in a week -- must have been incredible, but she was a strong woman and went on to become a self-sufficient and successful working woman. The stone is mostly unreadable. (That's a chihuahua behind the gravestone.)
  • The broken stone of Charles Nash, who died May 22, 1878 at the age of 84. The two pieces are lying against the much-heftier stone of his wife. Charles was the father of diarist Jared Nash. It's not clear whether vandals or a defect in the stone caused the break.
  • The ornate stone of Roxy Nash, wife of Charles and mother of Jared. She died Aug. 20, 1876, two years before her husband, and has a much thicker, fancier -- and probably much more expensive -- stone than Charles. If Charles bought the stone, it may show the love that he had for his wife. However, it may have been purchased by her daughter, Elizabeth Grummun. Roxy was 84 at her death.
  • The most unusual stone, labeled "Baby Esther." What makes it odd is that Esther Nash was hardly a baby -- she was 21 years, 9 months, 16 days old when she died July 19, 1850. She was a daughter of Charles and Roxy, and also has a stone more ornate than that of her father.