Ridgefield Place Names beginning with Y

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Yankee Hill Road is a short roadway between Peaceable Hill Road and Minuteman Road, and is part of the Colonial Heights subdivision developed in the mid- to late-1960s. 
Lewis J. Finch and Paul J. Morganti were the developers of the town's first three-acre-lot subdivision, and selected names with colonial flavor for it and its roads.
Yankee Hill Road became a town road in 1968.

In 1765, James and Martha Scott sold Uriah Marvine a 13-acre parcel "called the Yellow Hill." Another piece of the same transaction was "east of Spectacle Road," so odds are, the Yellow Hill was probably also in that vicinity, east of Spectacle Lane and west of Nod Road.
Yellow Hill, probably a neighborhood name, perhaps reflected the color of the brush in certain seasons or maybe in certain lights, or the tint of the soil.

An 1860 description of the boundaries of the South School District in Ridgebury refers to the "York State Line." It could have been an informal name for the New York State line, or it could be that the writer forgot to stick in the "new."

A map from early in this century refers to the pond off the west side of Limestone Road, just north of Shields Lane, as Young Pond. Today, it's called Taylor's Pond.
The pond has been around for at least 130 years and probably 250 years, so it's hardly "young." Thus, the name no doubt had its origin in some former owner named Young.