Obituaries from The Ridgefield Press

Ridgefield, Connecticut

For the year 2005 until mid-August

Alphabetical Name index 

(please see after this list for more descriptive info by date of death )

Acocella, Frances

Adams, Mary Ann

Andrews, C. Sperry

Bahr, Rose

Barrett, Eileen

Batesole, Richard E.

Bender, Grace

Berg, MaryJo

Bielicki, Lottie

Browning, William H. II

Carboni, Charlene

Carpenter, Elizabeth

Casey, Valerie

Cassavechia, Alteo

Cassels, Barbara

Church, Catherine

Churchill, Betty A.

Cogswell, Roy

Connolly, Mark

Donegan, Claire

Ebling, Robert IV

Engelhardt, Eunice

Fabrizio, Sherie

Fagan, Peter

Fingado, Roger W.

Finkelstein, Benjamin

Finklea, Elaine

Fischer, Richard P.

Flynn, Briget

Fogerty, J. Brayton

Foster, Julie

Franceschini, Anna

Gay, James E. Sr.

Giardini, Jean

Gillotti, Mary

Gioffre, Denise

Grech, Raymond "Bill"

Grosso, Vera

Hansen, Bonnie

Hawley, John V.

Hendrickson, Charles "Chip"

Holmes, Teckla

Hotchkiss, Paul A.

Hyde, Patricia

Ialongo, Anita Principi

Jack, James H.

Johnson, Sydney

Jones, Emilie B.

Kapsiak, Vivien

Kauppila, Carol Byram

Keefe, Robert J.

Keeler, N. Lyman "Fuzzy"

Kenefick, Karen

Kibby, Maria

Kolb, Louise

Kramer, Dolores

Lardie, Leo J.

Lavelle, John P.

Lener, Helen W.

Lesh, Theodosia

Lewis, Leroy

Liberta, Theresa

Loehmann, Edith

Lounsbury, Katherine Nally

Manion, Ann

Marcus, Delphine

Marcus, Jerry

Martin, Andrew Russell

Mashman, Jack

Mastriani, Lena

McCluskey, Mark A.

McCormick, Richard

McLeod, Daniel W.

Mikulewicz, Mary

Motta, Paul

Mullin, Audrey

Munkhoff, Ruth

Nazzaro, William G.

Nevins, Mary

Nitsche, Gretl

Pettit, Ethel

Piekarz, Mark

Quigg, Ada

Rowe, Timothy

Ruigrok, Elizabeth

Russell, Karen Jean

Ryff, Joan

Schoenbrunn, Erwin F.

Schoenfeld, Mary Anna

Schultz, Richard C.

Schwartz, Jeffrey

Seemar, John C.

Sessa, Mildred

Seyfang, Marguerite

Spiro, Ann Shornick

Sturges, Earl H.

Taeger, Margarete

Tarsi, Geno J.

Tillinghast, Norman D.

Toetenel, Celia

Tortosa, George

Travaglini, Louis

Tulipani, Georgine

Tupper, Maureen

Walker, Ada

Warren, Patricia

Waters, Francis M. "Don"

Webb, Kathleen

Weston, Stanley F.

White, Michael R.

Wurfel, Jeffrey

Zafarlotfi, Davood

Obituaries by date of death

William Hull Browning II, international entrepreneur, lived here as a boy, Jan. 1

Charlene Stevens Carboni, 58, Ridgefield native, RHS Class of 1964, Jan. 2

Anita Principi Ialongo, 92, award-winning needleworker, 64-year Ridgefielder, Jan. 3

James H. Jack, 96, tire production supervisor, former resident, Jan. 4

Emilie Bidlingmeyer Jones, 63, college admissions administrator, Jan. 5

Richard E. Batesole, 80, World War II veteran, engineer, home renovator, Jan. 6

Mary Mikulewicz, 89, native of New York, secretary, friend of animals, Jan. 8

Erwin F. Schoenbrunn, 83, chemical engineer, World War II veteran, 46-year resident, Jan. 18

Alteo Cassavechia, 85, Ridgefield native, longtime worker, World War II veteran, Jan. 19

John C. "Jack" Seemar, 67, electrician, Korean War veteran, Jan. 24

Maria Kibby, former public relations executive, Jan. 26

Edith Schrot Loehmann, native of Germany, Jan. 27

Ada K. Quigg, 82, retired circulation director, active in Taproot, Jan. 28

Louis "Squash" Travaglini, 86, police dispatcher for nearly 50 years, World War II veteran, Feb. 4

Valerie Dyer Casey, 87, active in community, longtime Ridgefielder, Feb. 5.

Mary Anna Schoenfeld, worked for Red Cross, was AAUW leader, Feb. 7

Timothy Rowe, 53, noted musician, orchestra founder, grew up here, Feb. 8

John V. Hawley, 77, outdoorsman, longtime area resident, Feb. 16

Vivien Kapsiak, 76, pharmacist, high school teacher, Feb. 16

Gretl Nitsche, 94, longtime Ridgefield, sold real estate, Feb. 16

Carol Bryam Kauppila, 61, RHS Class of 1962, teacher, artist, Feb. 16

Richard "Rick" McCormick, 42, musician, builder, RHS 1981, Feb. 18

Elaine Finklea, 83, had been active in community, Feb. 20

Benjamin B. Finkelstein, 72, pharmacist, active in theater groups, Feb. 23

Raymond "Bill" Grech, 80, veteran of two wars, active VNA volunteer, Feb. 25

Charles "Chip" Hendrickson, 72, technical illustrator, historical dancer, Feb. 25

Richard P. Fischer, 66, systems analyst, supporter of just causes, Feb. 25

Marguerite Hurzeler Seyfang, 94, of bakery family, lived here in her youth, Feb. 25

George W. Tortosa, 88, retired plumber, World War II prisoner of war, Feb. 28

Ada Tulipani Walker, 91, lifelong Ridgefielder, March 6

Jean Johnson Giardini, 84, longtime resident, active at St. Mary's, March 6

James E. Gay Sr., 95, Ridgefield native, arborist, March 9

Mark A. Piekarz, 38, software developer, grew up here, RHS Class of 1985, March 12

Betty A. Churchill, 63, longtime area resident, gardener, March 14

Davood Zafarlotfi, 50 Oriental carpet importer, March 16

Denise Gioffre, 53, Xerox analyst, nursery school teacher, March 20

Lena Mastriani, 95, longtime Ridgefielder, March 20

Paul B. Motta, 52, RHS 1970, outdoorsman, longtime resident, March 21

Helen W. Lener, 92, retired telephone supervisor, March 25

Norman Douglass Tillinghast, 76, 35-year Ridgefield resident, carpenter, March 31

Barbara Lucy Matthews Cassels, 88, retired medical worker, poet, April 1

MaryJo Berg, 50, RHS 1972, vice president of Ridgefield business, April 2

Georgine Tulipani, 67, former teacher, Eucharistic Minister, April 3

Stanley F. Weston, 60, longtime Ridgefield resident, landscaper, April 4

Jack Mashman, 89, WWII veteran, book distributor, poet, philosopher, April 5

Karen Jean "Hannah" Russell, 60, Spanish teacher, artist, April 5

Nehemiah Lyman "Fuzzy" Keeler, 91, farmer, lifelong Ridgefielder descended from settlers, April 7

Frances C. Acocella, 80, registered nurse, World War II veteran, longtime resident, April 12

Elizabeth Paulovic Carpenter, 95, Ridgefielder since 1961, April 14

William G. Nazzaro, 90, native and lifelong resident, April 21

Eunice Engelhardt, 82, homemaker, former Ridgefielder, April 23

Earl H. Sturges, 94, Ridgefield native, longtime Ridgefield firefighter, April 24

Mary Nevins, 96, longtime elementary school teacher, volunteer here, April 24

Eileen Mahoney Barrett, 58, Georgetown homemaker, former Ridgefielder, April 26

Grace Betts Bender, 80, active in church, wife of former St. Stephen's rector, April 26

Theodosia D. Lesh, 81, longtime president of OWLS, native of Poland, April 29

Mark A. McCluskey, 49, financial executive, May 4

Robert J. Keefe, 43, grew up here, worked in food service, May 4

Elizabeth Ruigrok, 81, longtime resident, worked at Ridgebury School, May 4

Julie I. Foster, 49, attorney, child advocate, May 11

Dolores Bailey Kramer, 71, RHS Class of 1951, May 16

Theresa Liberta, 87, active in Catholic church, May 18

Delphine Marcus, 73, actress, art scholar, radio broadcaster, May 18

Paul A. Hotchkiss, 63, musician and songwriter with two Gold Records, May 18

Celia Marinelli Toetenel, 83, a former Ridgefielder, May 19

Patricia O. Warren, longtime Thrift Shop volunteer, May 19

Mary Montanari Gillotti, 93, grew up in Ridgefield

Ethel O. Pettit, 79, active in First Congregational Church, May 24

Roy Cogswell, 57, popular owner of Early Bird Restaurant, RHS 1965, May 25

Peter Fagan, 91, shipbuilder, past grand knight, May 25

Briget T. Flynn, 95, native of Ireland, May 25

Lottie T. Bielicki, 76, homemaker, resident since 1969, May 26

Mildred Sessa, 93, saleswoman for Bloomingdale's, Best & Company, May 26

Ann Manion, 76, active in church and community, May 27

Mary Ann Adams, 59, nurses aide, late May

Roger W. Fingado, 77, IBM retiree, yachtsman, conservationist, May 31

Richard C. Schultz, 67, former town official, sports coach, May 31

Jeffrey Wurfel, 51, systems analyst, June 1

Teckla Larson Holmes, 90, retired nurse, active in church, June 2

Louise Kolb, 73, active volunteer, writing tutor at WestConn, June 3

Bonnie Hansen, 68, former Community Center leader, June 3

Ruth Munkhoff, 88, artist, interior decorator, antiques restorer, June 3

J. Brayton Fogerty, 72, marketing executive, June 4

Patricia Hyde, 69, former Ridgefielder, worked at Bedient's, Keogh's, June 5

Daniel W. McLeod, 77, engineer, conservation ranger, Army veteran, June 8

Mark Connolly, 41, carpenter, Victorian house restorer, June 9

Audrey Ann Mullin, 56, Ridgefielder for 28 years, June 11

Leroy Hayes Lewis, infant, June 16

Michael R. White, 44, banker, musician, June 19

Kathleen Flanagan Webb, psychiatric nurse, former Ridgefielder, June 25

Vera Spinaci Montanari Grosso, 84, grew up here, RHS 1940, June 26

Johanna "Joan" Ryff, 72, 29-year Ridgefield, active in bowling, June 26

Margarete Taeger, 87, honored volunteer, active at St. Andrew's, June 28

Leo J. Lardi, 72, engineer, World War II officer, active Lion, June 28

Catherine S. Church, 54, chamber manager, active in community, July 2

Karen Kenefick, 57, worked at Touchstones, Mirabella, July 4

Anna Marchison Franceschini, 87, caterer, longtime Ridgefielder, July 9

Maureen "Mo" Tupper, founder of Patisserie des Anglaises, July 12

Katherine Nally Lounsbury, 94, Ridgefield native, July 12

Charles Sperry Andrews, 87. artist who led effort to preserve Weir Farm, July 14

Francis M. "Don" Waters, 86, marketing expert, community volunteer, July 17

Sherie Fabrizio, 51, fought teenage drinking here, July 18

Sydney Johnson, 60, computer polling expert who worked for Louis Harris, July 18

Robert W. Ebling IV, 22, college student, former Ridgefielder, July 22

Jerry Marcus, 81, top cartoonist, creator of Trudy, movie and commercial actor, July 22

Jeffrey F. Schwartz, 55, bond trader, active in youth and adult sports, Aug. 1

Claire Donegan, 83, homemaker, worked at Silk Purse, 40-year Ridgefielder, Aug. 3

Andrew Russell Martin, 84, had auto dealership, was Mercedes ad executive, Aug. 4

Rose Lang Bahr, 96, Meals on Wheels pioneer here, Aug. 6

Ann Shornick Spiro, 93, RHS 1929, interior decorator, Aug. 6

John P. "Jack" Lavelle, 4, Aug. 7

Geno Joseph Tarsi, 89, lifelong resident, WWII veteran, volunteer fireman, Aug. 14

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