The Secrets of Wildflowers Chapters

(Arranged approximately by blooming seasons)

1.     Skunk Cabbage: First Flower of Winter

2.   Hepaticas: Gem of the Woods

3.  Spring-beauty: Pink Potatoes

4.  Anemones: Flowers of the Wind

5.     Coltsfoot: Roadside Cough Medicine

6.     Bloodroot: A Bloody Early Bloomer

7.     Dandelion: Our Tulip in the Grass

8.   Columbine: An Elfin Beauty

9.    Dutchman's Breeches: Rude Little Trousers

10.   Garlic mustard: A Tasty Foe

11.   Trout lily: A Lily by Any Other Name

12.   Ginsengs: The Man-Plants

13.   Violets: Love in the Springtime

14.   Trilliums: Dead Meat

15.   Speedwells: Diamonds in the Rough

16.   Pussytoes: The Feet in the Lawn

17.   Buttercups: Bitter Beauties

18.   Celandine: A Golden Poppy

19.   Marsh Marigold: Friend of the Farmer

20.   Blue Flags: Born to the Purple

21.   Solomon’s Seals: The Several Seals of Solomon

22.   Wild Ginger: An Overlooked Crank

23.   Jack-in-the-pulpits: The Silent Preacher

24.   Saxifrages: Rock Crushers?

25.   Lady’s Slippers: Secretive Slippers

26.   May Apples: The Green Umbrellas

27.   Daisy: A Flower Loved and Hated

28.   Wild Geranium: The Catapulted Crawler

29.   Baneberries: Two-Season Treat

30.   Goatsbeard: A Geodesic Clock

31.   Bedstraws: Creepers for Runners

32.   Cinquefoils: A Rose by Another Name

33.   Forget-me-nots: Legendary Flowers

34.   Chickweeds: For the Birds

35.   Black-eyed Susan: A Pretty Face

36.   Bindweeds: The Pretty Strangler

37.   Deptford Pink: Tiny But Divine

38.   Milkweeds: A Sweet Grabber

39.   Butterflyweed: A Neglected Beauty

40.   Clovers: Ubiquitous and Useful

41.   Jewelweed: Nature’s Salve and Toy

42.   Black Cohosh: Candles of the Fairies

43.   Chicory: The Roadside Peasant

44.   Bergamot: The Monster Mints

45.   Nightshades: Beautiful But Deadly?

46.   Pokeweed: Bounty for Man and Bird

47.   Sundew: The Carnivores

48.   Purple Loosestrife: Summer’s Deadly Glow

49.   Yarrow: The First Aid Kit

50.   Queen Anne’s Lace: The Royal Carrot

51.   Dayflowers: An Embarrassing Memorial

52.   Knotweeds: Knots under Foot

53.   Indian Pipe: Ghosts of Summer’s Woods

54.   Mulleins: The Bearded Weeds

55.   St. Johnsworts: Chasing the Blues with Yellows

56.   Avens: Both Blessed and Cursed

57.   Mints: Old and Lively Scents

58.   Cardinal Flower: America’s Favorite

59.   Bouncing Bet: Soap with Bounce

60.   Evening-primroses: An Owl-like Sweet

61.   Toadflax: Old Toad Face

62.   Goldenrods: The All-American

63.   Ragweeds: The Season for Sneezin’

64.   Joe-Pye Weed: A Noble Lummox

65.   Boneset: A Bitter Tea for the Ailing

66.   Sunflowers: Beauty and Bounty

67.   Turtleheads: The Talking Heads

68.   Vervain: Favorite of Priests and Witches

69.   Groundnut: Sweet from Tip to Toe

70.   Ladies'-Tresses: Orchids of Autumn

71.   Dogbane: A Fly’s Worst Friend

72.   Thistles: Watch Your Step!

73.   Asters: Stars of Autumn

74.   Gentians: The Royal Family