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For many years, we have collected items related to Ridgefield history. Often, we pick up duplicates. We offer some here so that others might share in the history of the town (and help support the Website!).

New items will be added to this page periodically. If you are interested in Ridgefield history, please check back.

Note that we also have items related to area and regional history, especially old postcards.

(We also publish new versions of old postcards, available by mail or at Books on the Common at 404 Main Street.)

All items can be mailed. However, because almost all items are "used" -- and most are old -- we prefer that prospective buyers inspect them in person before buying. In the case of Bedini's Ridgefield in Review, we often have more than one copy, and allow the buyer to select from among those available.

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Ridgefield in Review
by Silvio Bedini

Published in 1958, this is the last true history of Ridgefield. 396 pages of well-written information about the first 250 years of the town, with more than 160 photos, maps and drawings, including a fold-out version of Beers 1867 map of the town. We usually have a selection of used copies of this book, some with dust jackets, some without. $40 each.

History of Ridgefield
by George L. Rockwell 
(Reprint edition)

Originally published in 1927, this 583-page history has extensive coverage of the first two centuries of Ridgefield life, including much information on those who fought in all the wars through World War I. Rockwell spent a good deal of his life researching and compiling this book, illustrated with many Joseph Hartmann photos. Includes many early birth, marriage and death records, as well as transcriptions of  gravestones and soldiers' graves. Some genealogical information. Indexed.  This is a reprint, published in 1979 by Harbor House. Paper quality is fine. Nice cloth binding. Dust jacket.  $50

Map of Ridgefield Village
from Beers Atlas

This very rare inset map of the center of town, published in 1867 in Beers Atlas, measures 9.5 inches tall, 4.25 inches wide. It shows virtually every building in the village, with owners' names, from Casagmo south of Wilton Road East/West junction, along with historical points of interest. It includes Main Street, western West Lane, High Ridge, King Lane, "R.R. Avenue" (western Branchville Road), Catoonah Street, Market Street, East Ridge, Prospect Street, Gilbert Street, and parts of other roads. This comes framed; framing was done many years ago -- frame is clunky and scratched; I would get it redone. If you live in or have property in the village, this map is a treasure. $75.

Impact: The Historical Account of the Italian Immigrants of Ridgefield, Connecticut
by Aldo P. Biagiotti

Extensive look at the scores of families that settled in Ridgefield in the early 1900s, with many biographical sketches, Ridgefield and  Italian-American Club history, and dozens of photographs. A must for anyone with Italian roots in Ridgefield. Hardbound. Published in 1990. Sold out.

Battle of Ridgefield medal
featuring Benedict Arnold as hero

Issued for the 225th anniversary of the Battle of Ridgefield, which occurred April 27, 1777. In presentation case. Bronze. $20.

Notable Ridgefielders
by The Ridgefield Press

This 88-page special newspaper supplement, published in 2000 for the 125th birthday of The Press, contains more than 400 biographies of notable residents of Ridgefield in the 20th Century, including celebrities, community leaders, unusual people, and even a criminal or two. Includes a fascinating timeline of the 20th Century in Ridgefield. Illustrated, extensively indexed. $5  plus postage.  [You can see the online version here.]

The Ridgefield Tavern
by Maurice Enright MD

Entirely fictional account of Sarah Bishop, hermitess, during the Revolution by a Ridgefield physician. Paperback. Published in 1908. $30.

Saint Stephen's Church: Its History for 250 Years
by Robert S. Haight

A thoroughly researched, readable, and well-illustrated history of Ridgefield's second-oldest church, published in 1975. Many of the illustrations are by Franklin Lischke, who as a child, was a model for Norman Rockwell paintings. Hardbound, with original glassine jacket. Edited by Karl S. Nash. 220 pages, with index (by's webmaster). Sold out.

Heritage '76: Ridgefield, A Place in Time

Published in 1976 by the Ridgefield Bicentennial Commission, this illustrated, yearbook-size volume contains stories about Ridgefield over the past three centuries. $20

Ridgefield, Connecticut: A charming old New England Town
by Ridgefield Lions Club

Published in 1935, this 16-page booklet gives a charming look at Ridgefield in the '30s, complete with many photos by Joseph Hartmann. Paperback. $20.

Where Is Ridgefield Heading? 
by the League of Women Voters

Ridgefield had only 4,300 people in 1950, but it was worried about growth. The League of Women Voters undertook a study of the town's future and offered many fascinating suggestions for how the town could grow in an organized way. 24 pages. Many illustrations. $10

Ridgefield: 1900-1950
by Jack Sanders

More than 200 postcard views of old Ridgefield for details, click here. This book may be purchased at Books on the Common, Ridgefield Hardware, the Home Stop, and other locations. Copies are available from me by mail. $20 plus $3 postage. 

Five Village Walks
by Jack Sanders

Self-guided tours of the village of Ridgefield. For details, click here. This book may be purchased for $5 at Books on the Common, the Ridgefield Historical Society, and other locations. All sales benefit the historical society. For mailed copies, send me $8.

Annals of Wilton: Wilton Localities

This is volume one of what was to be a series of booklets on Wilton history. This 1940 original edition by David Herman Van Hoosear covers Wilton place names and their origins. 44 pages. Paper covers. $30.

New postcards of Old Ridgefield.
We have published a series of glossy, color postcards with scenes of Ridgefield a century ago. For more information, Click here.

  Postcards from other places.
Check out our list of hundreds of old postcards from throughout the area and the nation, dating back to 1904. Click here.


Old Postcards

Aerial view of village of Ridgefield in 1950s. Fascinating look at a half century ago -- when Methodist Church was in center, before Balducci and CVS shopping centers were built, etc. B&W. Unused. $20

Bailey Inn. Early view of inn that stood across from Christian Science church on Main Street. Razed in 1920s. Ca. 1905. Unused. BW. $10

Business Section of Main Street, "as it appeared before the destructive fire of 1895." A ca. 1910 postcard with a pre-1895 picture looking south from about Planet Pizza. BW. Unused. $10

Casagmo. Black and white picture of the house as it overlooked the gardens. 1930s. Unused. Good condition. $12

Casagmo Gardens. Showing gate with datestone saddle. Unused. Black and white. 1930s. $10.

Casagmo Gardens, First Terrace., showing the fountain and part of gate. Unused. Black and white. 1930s. $10

Cass Gilbert Fountain. Hand-colored view of what fountain looked like in 1920s and 30s. Shows house on Main Street in background (#94?). $15.

Colonial Steak House. The old Outpost kennel that became Red Lion (now apartment complex) Dated 1957. Color. Unused. $5.

Congregational Church, unused color card from around 1905; beautiful. $10

Congregational Church, showing the Cass Gilbert Fountain. 1930s card. Black and white. Unused, Good condition. $6.

East Ridge. Hand-colored view from around 1920 showing dirt Governor Street, and what's now Veterans Park field and the police station. Unused. $10.

Elm Shade Cottage. Postmarked 1907 view of current Elms Inn complex on Main Street. Color. $12.

First National Bank & Trust Company of Ridgefield. 1950s view of front of what is now Wachovia. Unused. Glossy color. $4.

Fountain. Hand-colored view of Cass Gilbert Fountain looking due east, with house at 114 Main Street prominently in background. Unused from 1920s, $20.

Fox Hill Inn. Unusual rear view of Fox Hill Inn, the old Outpost Farm mansion, torn down in 1970s. Now Bennett's Pond State Park. Tree in center of picture, surrounded on three sides by building, still stands today at top of hill in park Unused. Late 1940s B&W. $12.

Fox Hill Inn. Impressive view of front of Conley family's old Outpost mansion after it became noted restaurant. Pool in foreground. Terracing and steps can still be seen today at Bennett's Pond State Park. Glossy color. 1950s. Unused. $10.

Gardens of 'Upagenstit,' Residence of Mrs. F.E. Lewis. Hand-colored card showing gardens in foreground, mansion in background (now Ridgefield Manor Estates off West Lane). Hand-colored. Unused. ca. 1920. $20.

Hermit and Hermitage. Famous color card of George Washington Gilbert, seated next to his collapsing house. Published ca. 1913. Unused, $15; used $12.

Inn at Ridgefield (now Bernard's) in 1950s, when outdoor dining patio existed where current main dining room is. Glossy color. Unused. $5

Jesse Lee Memorial United Methodist Church, color picture of new building, unused, ca. 1968. $3.

Lahey Studios. Advertising card from 1960s showing sculpture. Studio was on Ridgebury Road. $5.

Landlord Smith's Tavern. View of house/tavern at corner of Main and Prospect, razed to make way for Ridgefield Library. Picture from late 1800s, card from 1910. B&W. Unused. $10

Little Red Schoolhouse. Color card from 1970s. Unused. $2.

Main Street. View of the southern street in Rockwell Road area, with horse and buggies, postmarked 1910. Color. $8.

Main Street. Hand-colored view from in front of library, looking north. Shows mostly the tree-lined, concrete roadway in front of Ballard park. Unused. $5.

Main Street. View taken from center of road, looking north, from in front of Ridgefield Bank. Shows old parking arrangement in front of Ridgefield Hardware block. Around 1962. Glossy color. Unused. $5.

Main Street, Business Section. View from around 1915 looking north from Governor St. Shows today's Wachovia, the building existing before Ridgefield Bank was erected, Old Bissell building, Kid with bicycle. Main St. is a dirt road. Unused. B&W. $15. 

Main Street, Looking North from Old Hundred. A view from the middle of the street in front of today's Aldrich Museum. Mostly tree-lined road, ca. 1905. Color. Unused. $5.

Main Street, Looking North to Battle-Ground. Color view from 1910 of Main Street from in front of library looking toward Casagmo. Unused. $10.

Main Street, Looking South from Branchville Road. Real photo view of dirt road, with Crehan house in background. Postmarked 1905. $12; unused. $17. 

Main Street, looking south. BW Unused. 1930s. $4.

Main Street, South from King's Lane. Shows Hauley House prominently on left side. Main St. is dirt surfaced. Ca. 1920. Unused. Hand-colored. $15.

Mamanasco Lodge. This is an old mansion that is now used by the St. Ignatius retreat house. When Jesuits owned the place, it was called Manresa. This view from ca 1940 shows when it was a popular resort. B&W. Unused. $10

Manor House. Ridgefield Country Club. The main entrance of the former F.E. Lewis mansion (Lewis Dr., Manor Rd.) when it was a club said to be run by communists. Early 1950s.Unused.  BW .$15.

Methodist Church and Parsonage. Old Main Street church. B&W. Card mailed in 1906. $7.

Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage. This ca 1908 color card shows mostly the parsonage -- still standing on Main Street just south of Planet Pizza -- and its many-picketed fence. Unused, but a small stain. $10

The Novitiate. Holy Ghost Fathers. Hand-colored view of old stone house that is now the front of the Congregate Housing on Prospect Ridge. Shows novices on the porch. From the 1920s. Unused. $15.

Old Keeler Tavern. Color view from ca. 1905, printed in Germany. Unused, but small stain on non-picture area. $10.

Old Keeler Tavern, "containing cannon ball fired by the British, April 27th, 1777,: beautiful, unused, hand-colored view, ca 1915. $10. 

Outpost Inn. Exterior view of main building, 1940s. Now site of Fox Hill condos. B&W, unused but has imperfections. $3.

Outpost Inn. Exterior view of main building that shows the main dining room wing. B&W. 1940s. Unused. $7

Outpost Inn. Exterior front view with 1930s car in front. B&W. Unused. $7

Outpost Inn, Colonial Dining Room. The formal dining room as opposed to where the masses ate. B&W 1940s. Unused, but tiny tear. $4

Outpost Inn. Cottage near main building, with view of gardens. Hand-colored, unused, ca 1930. $12.

Outpost Inn. Entrance hall of main building, built 1812. Was on site of Fox Hill condos until 1968. B&W. 1940s. Unused. $6.

Outpost Inn, Italian Gardens. B&W. 1940s. Unused. $5.

Outpost Inn. Main dining room. View of the rows of tables with lots of windows. B&W. 1940s. Unused. $7.

Outpost Inn, Master Bedroom. Outfitted colonially. B&W, unused, 1940s. $6

Outpost Inn. Tennis courts and grounds. With inn in background. Now Fox Hill condos. B&W. 1940s. Unused. $5.

Oupost Inn. Tap Room. Very cool bar room with map of Conn. on floor and murals of Outpost Nurseries scenes on walls. 1940s. B&W, Unused. $10.

Peter Parley Place. The homestead on lower High Ridge. ca. 1910. C G U $5

Red Lion Restaurant. Three-view color card from 1970s. Razed in 2007 to build apartments. Color. Used. $4.

Residence of Anson Phelps Stokes. Now #54 Main Street. Hand-colored, 1930s. Used. $5.

Residence of Frederick E. Lewis. The mansion that was center of what is now Manor Estates off West Lane. Color. One corner chipped. Postmarked 1909. $6.

Ridgefield Library. Earliest view of new library. Postmarked 1905, but image is earlier. B&W. $5

Ridgefield Library. 1970s glossy color card by Clarence Korker. Unused. $3.

Ridgefield Playhouse. 1950s view of what was, until recently, Webster Bank on Prospect St. Glossy color. Unused. $8

Ridgefield Savings Bank. 1950s view of front of bank on Main Street, by Korker. Unused. Glossy color. $5.

Ridgefield School. Full-color view of school on south Main Street that, in summer, was Ridgefield Inn. Postmarked 1909. Good condition. $10

Ridgefield School. Black-and-white view of the then-new boys school at north end of Lake Mamanasco. ca 1920s. Unused. $5.

St. Stephen's Protestant Episcopal Church. Hand-colored view postmarked 1944. Condition: average. $3 

St. Stephen's Protestant Episcopal Church Interior  ca. 1920s view of altar, pews. Hand-colored. Unused. Good condition. SOLD

South Main Street. Hand-colored, unused card ca. 1920 shows houses at 127 and 139 Main St. (opposite Keeler Tavern), with Main St. as dirt road plus sidewalk. View looks north. Beautiful card. $15.

Stonehenge Inn. The original inn before it burned down. Glossy color card from 1970s or 80s. Unused. $5.

Tode's Inn. (now Bernard's) 1960s view after patio converted to dining room. Glossy color. Unused. $4.

Town Hall. View of front and north side around 1905. Postmarked 1911. Green tint. $5

West Lane, from "Parley Street," showing area of West Lane Inn and Bernard's. Ca 1920. Hand-colored. Back has some damage. $5.

War of the Revolution Monument, in the wall in front of Casagmo. ca 1930. BW $5

* * *

Bridgeport Collection: 11 different Bridgeport scenes, all 100 or so years old. Mostly used. $10.

New York City Collection: 77 postcards, almost all 100 or more years old, with scenes of New York City, including buildings, bridges, streets, subways. Fascinating look at the city a century ago! Most used. $75

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