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Ridgefield Chronicles

Wicked Ridgefield

Ridgefield, Connecticut, often pictured as an idyllic town, has been no stranger to life's shadier characters. The history of the community includes cunning crooks, friendly embezzlers, bungling burglars, wandering scalawags, government officials gone astray — and even a murderer or two.  Reading about them offers insights into how we were. And as anyone from Shakespeare to Agatha Christie could tell you, bad news can make good stories. Illustrated and indexed. Published by History Press, 2016. More information.

Ridgefield Chronicles

Hidden Ridgefield

Like Ridgefield Chronicles (below), Hidden History of Ridgefield offers many engrossing stories of intriguing people, places and things from the town's past, extensively illustrated with old photos and maps. It includes women who were pioneers in their fields; actors, artists,  writers, and musicians beloved by millions but not so well-known locally; forgotten heroes and even a few n'er-do-well "grog-drinkers and brandy tipplers."Illustrated and indexed.

Published by History Press, 2015. More information.

Ridgefield Chronicles

Ridgefield Chronicles

A new look at the people, places and things that have made Ridgefield, Connecticut, a fascinating community over the past 300 years.  Illustrated with many old pictures and maps, Ridgefield Chronicles describes heroes and hermits, the famous and infamous, the mysterious and the forgotten. The book also offers glimpses of how Ridgefielders lived and worked long ago, and how they had fun. Published by History Press, 2014. More information.

Secrets of Wildflowers

paperback editionThe Secrets of Wildflowers

More than 300 colorful pages describing the natural history, folklore, uses, name origins, and horticulture of hundreds of North American wildflowers, including more than 90 color photographs by the author. Published by Lyons/Globe-Pequot, 2003. Now available in paperback. More information.

Ridgefield 1900-1950

Ridgefield 1900-1950

An illustrated history of Ridgefield, featuring more than 215 postcards views produced in the first half of the 20th Century. Filled with interesting and entertaining facts and anecdotes about the town, its places and its people. Published by Arcadia, 2003. More information.

Five Village WalksFive Village Walks

A 56-page walking history tour of the center of Ridgefield, Connecticut, extensively illustrated with old photos of the routes. Third edition published by the Ridgefield Historical Society, September 2008. More information.

Notable RidgefieldersNotable Ridgefielders

Biographical sketches of some 400 interesting Ridgefielders of the 20th Century. Published Acorn Press, December 2000. More information.

No longer in print but available used...


Hedgemaids and Fairy Candles: The Lives and Lore of North American Wildflowers (McGraw-Hill, 1993); The Internet Guide to Birds and Birding (McGraw-Hill, 1999; The Internet Outdoor Family Fun Yellow Pages (McGraw-Hill, 1999)

Jack Sanders spent 47 years covering the news and people of Ridgefield as a reporter and editor of The Ridgefield Press. He has also written and lectured widely on wildflowers, an interest he developed 40 years ago when he was involved in a natural history survey of the community. He also gives talks on local history.
Contact him at jackfsanders {at sign} gmail {dot} com.

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